WP: Rock and Stone

Rock and Stone

The ocean’s tide calls my name
as the waves dangerously crash
against the crest of rock and stone.

I dip my toe and displace
the brownish-green algae
from my path.

Singing my childhood lullaby
under the crystal chandelier
of moon and stars
glistening on the breaking water.

A walrus billows in the distance.
Seagulls caw overhead.
Your silhouette appears on an island.
I envision a table for two.

I’m coming; you’ll be alone no longer.
You and me. Side by side.
Once again.

The above was written from a Gotham Writer’s WRITING PROMPT: Write a poem of 20 lines or fewer (doesn’t need to rhyme), using the following words: side, green, walrus, danger, star, table, (a number), sing.

I had completed the above writing prompt at home as I tend to work ahead, and a few weeks later it also came up as an in-class exercise. There was a phrase added to the list: “Let me tell you.” So I needed to re-vision the words for a new poem. This was actually interesting as I realized my words were quite hooked to my original poem. It took a little time, and there are some similarities, but the following is my “new” poem.


Softly I sing a melody
I heard once
as I wait
at an ocean-side cafe.

I anticipate you’ll soon arrive
as I sip from my glass of chardonnay.

The stars sparkling in the evening sky
like jewels catching the glimmer
of Broadway’s lights.
The echo of seagulls and walruses
ring through the air of night.

Your piercing green eyes catch mine
as you lean close and whisper in my ear…
“Let me tell you.
Let me tell you.
How incredible
you look

Photo by Angel K Will, available on Society6

©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  • Twitter

This prompt is from Gotham Writers, Creative Writing Class. Check out their site by clicking here. I’ve taken a few courses and highly recommend it—great instructors, great classes.

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