For all who are lost

God is there
to take the beating
you throw upon Him,
to take the words
when you lash out,
to take the brunt
of all your anger
because He wants you
to seek Him out.

He won’t step away
no matter how you curse Him.
He won’t turn His back,
He’ll stay steadfast.
He wants to protect you
and take your burden.
He wants to hold you
for love will outlast
all the confusion,
the hurt and the heartache,
all of the pain and
silence when asking why.
There’s not always answers
our minds can fathom
on this side of
eternity’s sky.

So when you’re broken and beaten
no strength to go on,
tears swelling inside
like a dam breaking at dawn
surrender your burdens
place them at the cross
this is the place
for all who are lost.
You can experience a peace
deep down inside
when you come and find rest
and choose not to hide
for God knows your story
you are part of the Divine,
a beautiful, wanted and loved child
a humanly, heavenly, almighty sign.

©2019 Angel K Will | Instagram  •  Facebook  •  Twitter

Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky from Pexels

** This poem is included in the book — GOD is so much more: a poetry collection — click here for details. **

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