I have no words to say.
Your goodness and faithfulness
are proven each and every day.

Your timing is perfect.
It is tried and true.
You stand with arms wide open.
No matter what I’m going through.

I’m overwhelmed by your love
and who you say I am—
Worthy, precious, highly valued
a child of the great I Am.

My heart overflows with gratitude
and tears fill my eyes.
You are the love who reaches earth
from the heights of heavenly skies.
You live here among us, within us, and beyond.
Love is your language and keeps me going on.

I have no words to say.
Love is all I need today.

– Angel K Will, ©2019

Featured image is a photograph of an original painting entitled “Crowned for His Glory” by my dear friend Christa Wagner.

** This poem is included in the book — GOD is so much more: a poetry collection — click here for details. **

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