A Scene of Life

No strength to go on
My spirit worn out from life
I seclude myself
And pull away
Too weak for joy or strife

What have I to give another
If I let my cup run dry
An empty vessel I’ve become
It does not satisfy

I must wander in my desert
I must find the Ever-Flowing Well
I must stay connected to The Source
If I want heaven over hell

I can pass on my strength
Only when my cup is full
An overflowing on to others
A spirit-filled constant pool

A life of intention
As God dwells in me
A consistent refilling
That gives me strength to be

A source of love for others
A compassionate and gentle friend
A constant connection to The Source
To Whom there is no end

I have Someone in my corner
Even when my cup’s run dry
Who stands with arms wide open
And never leaves my side

I can fall into Thy Presence
And feel my spirit rise
Connected to the Living Water
I life my head and raise my eyes

Surrounded by the glory
In Who’s image I am made
My Spirit soars to heights unknown
As my empty cup does fade

Now that’s a scene of life
And we know it ebbs and flows
So rest in the journey
And just enjoy the show

Whether I am overflowing
Or whether I am dry
It’s all about intention
And choosing Truth over the lie

©2018 Angel K Will    |    angelkwill.com

Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash

** This poem is included in the book — GOD is so much more: a poetry collection — click here for details. **

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