Don’t forget your spray paint

A trip to Austin’s infamous Graffiti Park at Castle Hill (Hope Outdoor Gallery) can be quite exhilarating. Typically one has to duck, cover and run when tagging abandoned buildings, but it’s perfectly legal in Austin. At this location. For now. Kinda. (You do need to register to participate, so email:

Graffiti Park at Castle Hill welcomes both artists and visitors on a sunny, spring day.

Not only will you view some good and bad tags as well as the occasional mural, you’re sure to meet artists practicing their craft and some interesting individuals selling bracelets and homemade tchotchkes.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As usual, I remain a fan of the motivational sayings. I already have an idea for my next visit. My arms will be full of 3-D letters, spray paint and glitter (because who doesn’t love glitter). Care to join me? The trip will probably be in June.

Everywhere you look offers a great backdrop for selfies with friends, or a future social media profile pict (I’ll be updating mine soon).

hope-outdoor-gallery-angelkwill-15This is a mix of paint on the concrete and a reflection of a wall but together it looks like an abstract portrait. Or is it just me? Either way, you can’t not smile in Austin. It’s weird. And I like it.


’til next time, angel

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