Cattle drives and gun fights in Fort Worth’s Stockyards

The early 1900’s were filled with cowboys, cattle drives, outhouses and more. And when you’re in the stockyards you get the chance to travel back in time minus the outhouses (although I’m sure something could be arranged). The cattle drive happens every day at 11:30 am and 4:00 pm down Main Street in front of Stockyards Station.

Visitors view the longhorns prior to the drive down Main Street.
The King Ranch “Running W” branding iron was registered in 1869. Learn more about it here.

The best part of visiting the stockyards on an overcast, cooler day is the smaller crowd. It was very easy to get right up on the curb to watch the longhorns mosey down Main Street. If you don’t have your own Wranglers, boots and hat to sport, not to fear, there are plenty of shops that will be happy to get you in full country attire.

Following the cattle drive at 11:45 on Saturday and Sunday is the Legends of Texas gun fight re-enactment. With his Barney Fife sidekick, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cheer for the Sheriff or the Outlaws, but my law abiding nature won out and I cheered for the good guys.

The sidekick wanted to be Sheriff for a day. The question is “could he handle it?”

Once the dust settled and the smoke cleared, there was obviously a winning and losing side. Good thing it was only a re-enactment.

The Legends of Texas fellas gather together for a photo opp following the show.

There’s plenty more to do and see in the Stockyards. Maybe I’ll cover Billy Bob’s (the world’s largest honky tonk) and the Vintage Railroad on my next visit. There’s also Cowboy Church at high noon every Sunday, and let’s not forget the Rodeo. To find out more, visit Stockyards Station.


’til next time, angel


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