Animal Crackers, a change in perspective

Grocery shopping on a Sunday night is never the ideal situation as the weekend crowd has cleared out the shelves and the restocking team is obviously slacking. (No offense restockers, maybe it’s just my grocery store).

But when you’re out of your jumbo bag of animal crackers which accompanies your habitual 10pm coffee habit, off to the store you go.

The shelf stared back at me. Empty. My eyes widened as I looked to the right and to the left. Surely, there is a bag shoved elsewhere on the shelf. Whatever will I do without my animal crackers? Then I spotted them. But. Chocolate. Really? Chocolate animal crackers. “Umm… I. Guess.” I reached for a bag and thought, wait, this may be the best thing on God’s green earth. And I have been getting a little bored with the regular animal crackers. So I chose to make that my truth. These chocolate animals crackers were going to be life changing. Ok, maybe not quite that good, but… Within 60 seconds, I went from being bummed to being excited. All by intentionally changing my perspective.

Now, the rest of the story….

Later that evening I poured my coffee and vanilla cinnamon creamer (the latter is amazing by the way), and grabbed the animal crackers from the pantry. After pouring a few into the bowl, I ventured toward my desk to sit, ponder my day’s happenings, and enjoy.

I must say I was not disappointed. It tasted like a chocolate cookie if they forgot to add the sugar, which is pretty good for animal cracker standards. So my excitement remained.

I went to the grocery recently and picked up some more animal crackers. You guessed it. Chocolate.

* As a side note, you may be wondering. “Well, what if they had turned out to be absolutely horrible?” I have, of course, been disappointed after trying something new (many times), but I’ve learned to chalk it up to a “live and learn” lesson. Again, an intentional choosing of how I want to feel about a given situation.

My attitude is controlled by my thoughts. And I control my thoughts.

Now, get out there and try some chocolate animal crackers.


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