Why you never see a Redwood alone

“…The truth is, we all need supportive relationships. I once heard a lecture in which the speaker talked about the great redwood trees in California, those magnificent giants of the forest towering as much as three hundred feet in the air. ‘You’d think such tall trees would require very deep roots,’ the speaker said. ‘Actually, redwoods have a very shallow root system, designed to capture all the surface moisture possible. These roots spread out in all directions, and as a result, all the roots of all the trees in a redwood grove are intertwined. They are locked together so that when the wind blows or a storm strikes, all the trees support and sustain one another. That is why you almost never see a redwood standing alone. They need one another to survive.’”

That story is an excerpt from “How to make positive imaging work for you” by Norman Vincent Peale.

Isn’t it so good.

Much like the great redwood trees, we too need community to survive and thrive.

Questions for today: am I taking the time and energy to cultivate the supportive relationships in my life? Or am I taking them for granted?

My community is built and strengthened only by the attention and care I am willing to give it.


photo from https://pixabay.com/p-227931/?no_redirect

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