11,000+ miles in 30 days

I had great photo plans for this roadtrip but it didn’t quite go as planned. I’ve come to realize when I’m traveling to visit friends and family I haven’t seen in a while, the photography goes on the backburner as there’s so much to catch up on. Even though I love shooting photography, my top priority will always be my friends and family.

The first leg of my trip, I was amped up on energy and made a couple roadside stops…

Anna-TX-watertower  roadside-flower

And at my first destination in Rogers, AR, I did manage to get some photography in as our catching up included some sights – War Eagle Cavern (do you see the face in the second image? You could not see it with your naked eye. The face only appeared when looking through the lens of a camera. It was eerily cool!).

light-at-the-end  face-in-the-rocks

Eureka Springs

painted-stairwell-eureka-springs-angelkwill  guitar-girl-artwall-eureka-springs-angelkwill

and the Crystal Bridges Museum (there was one piece in particular that stood out and it will be getting its own post. The following 2 images are on the grounds. I absolutely loved the impressionistic vibe of the reflection in the first image.).

impressionistic-landscape-photography-angelkwill  love-wins-angelkwill

Other stops included: Grand Rapids, MI – Toledo, OH – Chillicothe, OH – Guyana, South America (the village of Manawarin, which will get its own post soon) – Memphis, TN.

Then, back to DFW, TX – home, sweet, home. With 1 day to recoup before starting a new design contract in Arlington.

11,000+ miles in 30 days.

Beautiful journey.



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