Experimenting with Steel Wool Photography

Oh, the fun of playing with fire…

Headed out to the country with a friend this past weekend to experiment with lighting steel wool on fire and seeing what kind of imagery we might obtain. I must say, we weren’t disappointed. 


A couple rounds of perfecting the packing of the steel wool in the whisk and we began getting the bountiful sparks we were anticipating.


This proved a fun mission in the pitch black of night, and I’m getting better at working my camera settings in the dark. Our excursion came to an end just after midnight as the lenses began fogging easily due to the drop in temperature and much moisture in the air. 

I would highly recommend wearing long sleeves, long pants, closed-toed shoes and a cap to protect any hairsprayed hair if you don’t want any slightly scorched areas on your being.


I’m excited to scout more picturesque environments to showcase the abstract creations of the steel wool photography.

More fun and excitement to come…

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