West 7th St. Bridge, Fort Worth TX

Met friends for another bridge outing, this time in Fort Worth, the West 7th Street Bridge.

7th-street-bridge-fort-worth-angelkwill in-the-7th-street-bridge-fort-worth-angelkwill

I’m happy with these pictures but didn’t quite get the trailing lights I was hoping for. There’s so little traffic later in the evenings in stark contrast with the dreadful DFW traffic at rush hour.

At one point I moseyed toward the 3 foot wide cement median between each direction of lanes to cop a squat and snap a few picts, but realized this may not have been my best judgment when a truck zipped by honking. So after a couple longer exposures, I felt it was safest to scurry back to the pedestrian walkway alongside the bridge. The disappointing part of that attempt was that I risked my life and those pictures didn’t even come close to what I had envisioned. Best to have my settings predetermined before attempting questionable scenarios. Lesson learned.

I tried scaling up one of the arches on the bridge but decided to save that for another day as my 10 year old tennis shoes proved to have zero grip. But, at the suggestion of a friend, I pulled my shoes off and tried barefoot, still to no avail. I think they coat that bridge with some type of smoothing polish to discourage people who like crawling on things. Must buy hiking boots and come back to scale that slippery sucker! I really want a bird’s eye view at the top of one of the arches. Might not be that spectacular of a shot since it’s not that tall of a bridge, so it’s mostly to satisfy my inkling to climb on things.

seeing-fort-worth-on-the-7th-street-bridge-angelkwill 7th-street-bridge-light-out-fort-worth-angelkwill

We ended the night just up the river at the Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Bridge, a pedestrian walkway lit up in bright blue lights, and quite blinding if you walk up to it at the wrong angle. But eventually I got my sight back and was able to capture a couple photographs before my battery died. I loaded my spare to discover it hadn’t been charged (this wasn’t the first time I brought a spare that ended up being dead, but it’s becoming a more rare occurrence so I’m moving in the right direction, and growth is what counts, right?!).

phyllis-j-tilley-memorial-bridge-angelkwill feeling-blue-under-the-bridge-down-by-the-river-angelkwill

So that was the night.

The End.


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