Roller Derby Madness

Death Row Rumblers V. Wrecking Crew

Photographed my first Roller Derby Match and turned it into a video montage. Here’s the action in 60-seconds…

Now that’s a sport I’d be interested in trying out. And I already figured out my name – “Rebel Rouser.” If only I were more coordinated on skates. Maybe next year…

The lighting was pretty low so had to shoot with a crazy high ISO in order to have a fast enough shutter to capture the motion. I tried both manual and auto focus and found the camera was better than me in this fast action. Although, it did miss some shots I was attempting. Better to miss some shots and have some in focus than to have all of them but not sharp quality. Sacrifice one for the other, at least until I get a faster lens.

I plan to attend more matches so I can get more hands-on experience, but I have a feeling I may start to get riled up enough that I just can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. Here comes Rebel Rouser!



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