Your typical grad shoot, kinda…

When someone is graduating from High School or College it’s important to capture the traditional style of a “graduation” portrait that will look good in a yearbook and immortalize this very important moment in time, specifically for the parentals.

So, on my most recent outing, we headed to Trinity Park and the Swift Buildings, with a quick stop over at a downtown Parking Garage for a few rooftop picts. During the shoot, I’m a pretty strong click-a-holic as it allows me to create a well documented “Fast Forward” video (raw images) of our photoshoot activities. And I love those “in between” moments that can only be captured when the person isn’t aware (blog main image and the image below). It’s so true, a picture can speak a thousand words…

This black and white image, with her perfectly authentic in the moment facial expression (she had been shaking the hair out of her face a split second before as it was a crazy windy day), reminds me stylistically of a 90’s Calvin Klein ad. The shot was intentional, but not stylizing it like CK. That just happened. I noticed it when I was back home, reviewing through the imagery. The older I get the more true the phrase “nothing new under the sun” becomes. Regardless, I love it…


See a few more images on Flickr.

She was a blast to shoot and her personality and energy really comes across well in this Fast Forward Video (song is “Who I Am” by Blanca)…



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