I Go Where I Want

“I Go Where I Want” that’s what the butterfly said. This is a collage made in Photoshop with 3 of my recent Nikon photos.

I really liked the framed graffiti that I shot this weekend. But it was so dark in the abandoned building I couldn’t get the detail of the graffiti without blowing out what could actually be seen through the broken window (sky and other abandoned buildings). But I figured I’d be able to cut that out and put something else into the background when I got home. And thus we have “I Go Where I Want.”

Initially, I wasn’t sure what I would use to fill the empty space, but I knew I wanted something to contrast against the hard and edgy feel of the graffiti. Thus, what better than a butterfly. And I do love that this butterfly, with its more neutral colors and close-up bulging eyes, seems more like the rebellious type. So using the butterfly imagery provides the softer essence yet this one in particular seems like it would be one  you could image breaking into an abandoned and graffiti’d building.

After all, “I Go Where I Want” that’s what this butterfly said.


Additional photography can be viewed on Flickr.

Enjoy. Go. Explore.

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