Photo Day: Urban Exploration

It proved to be a gorgeous weekend to explore a few of the abandoned buildings in Fort Worth.

This was my first time to do so, and I found it provided an odd mix of emotions. Disheartenment when you consider the desolation, abandonment and destruction yet coupled with an excitement and joy as you were discovering something unknown and capturing unique photography.

My favorite shots were taking pictures of my friends taking pictures. The environment, often with bright and bold colors, was a chaotic and beautiful backdrop. One floor had a large portion covered by 1-2 inches of water and there were crazy cool shots with the reflection creating a surreal image as if you were looking at 2 levels of the building in a single shot (a very Inception-type vibe).

I’m happy to report I only bled a little when I cut my knee getting onto a roof. Well worth it, as when given the opportunity to climb on or up something, it’s a personal requirement. I did find, on one of the climbing opportunities, I’m not quite as brave as I used to be (or maybe I’m just not quite as reckless as I used to be).

To view the full Flickr album, click here.

Enjoy. Go. Explore.

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