Like a battering of wind and rain,I was eroded just enoughfor my phoenix to riseup out of the ashesand into the skies.The pain forced upon meeventually opening my eyesdeciphering my worththrough an ocean of lies.I’m starting over;I’m starting clean;I’m staring to feellife is serene.In the midst of my pain,I can choose to aimhigher.I’m created formore.-akw-…… Continue reading Higher

To drift like the wood

Driftwood… made smoother by the tides, winds, and waves. Much like life, I too can be made smoother by the ups, downs and all arounds.To accept or resist, therein lies my choice. Do I view the world in full color or black and white? Do I go back and forth between one and the other?…… Continue reading To drift like the wood

New day, new year

An unfolding path,this new day andnew year presents.Lived with intention,that is my choosing.Eyes forward focusedon the here and now,for time I can’t get back.It evaporates like dewon a sunny morn.-akw- (This is a poem for tomorrow January 1st, but I’m not kicking off the new year online so posting early 💜) ___©2020 Angel K WillPhoto…… Continue reading New day, new year