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Follow your dreams; live your best life.

I’m Angel, a wanderlust poet, ponderer and picture-maker.
Let’s live inspired, love well, and laugh often.

to ponder, to reflect, to question
to push and pull, to ebb and flow
to think outside, inside and around the box
to live unlimited, to just be
an abstract life beckons me
~ akw ~

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God is so much more

– a poetry collection –

poetry book, God is so much more

“Not all who wander are lost.” – JRR Tolkien

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collage of photographic images
upcoming book release, The Owl in the Concrete Tree


The Owl in the Concrete Tree

– a poetry collection –

Faith like a whisper
softly guides, encouraging
boldness to arise.
~ akw ~

Holistic Wanderluster

Here, There, Everywhere

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